Project Description

 Name of Project: Music Around the World

Brief one-sentence description of project:

This is going to be the "Home" title for many music related topics.

Full description of project:

Under Music Around the World, we will discuss different music from all over the world, for instance, instruments around the world, and styles of music in performance (the first two topics ready for discussion), and many others that we want to raise. Peace through Music will be the theme for all topics.

 Age/level of project participants: grades K - 12

 Timetable/Schedule for the project: Ongoing

Possible project/classroom activities:

An example of a style of music in performance:   Each teacher and their students will choose a song that they know very well and remix the song. In the end, they will discuss the strengths or weaknesses of the song they chose, the story behind the song, the intentions of the composer for writing the song, whether the composer is also the singer, if not, how well did the singer convey the thoughts of the composer. After this, they will compare their remixed song with the original work, and answer the same questions. Other topics will answer questions relating to them. You can also share several traditional music instruments with us

Expected outcomes/products
: For the remix project:

We will select remixed songs (in the case of the remix project), and these will be posted. Or we will simply post, discuss, and answer questions on posted objects. Besides, traditional songs can also be shared, published through  you tube.  Peace through Music will be the theme for all projects.

Project contribution to others and the planet

This project will bring the music of the world to a worldwide knowledge, understanding, and acceptance.

Project language(s): forum discussion language-English, other languages may be used in the project products

Curriculum areas: music, social studies, language arts

Name of facilitator
(s): Joy Lo-Bamijoko and Wiwi Rosaria

Email of facilitator(s): - Jinlob@Aol.Com Joy Lo-Bamijoko -