Music Instrument

1. Angklung

Angklung is a musical instrument from Indonesia,  made out of two bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. The tubes are carved so that they have a resonant pitch when struck. The two tubes are tuned to octaves. The base of the frame is held with one hand while the other hand shakes the instrument rapidly from side to side. This causes a rapidly repeating note to sound. Thus each of three or more angklung performers in an ensemble will play just one note and together complete melodies are produced

2. Bugie

Bugle is a musical instrument which is used by the military forces. Its limited number of notes makes the bugle call easy to recognize, so it is used to call soldiers.

3. Bansuri

Bansuri and venu are a kind of flutes They are typically made of bamboo or reed. There are two varieties; transverse and fipple. The transverse variety is nothing more than a length of bamboo with holes cut into it. This is the preferred flute for classical music because the embouchure gives added flexibility and control

4. Cora

Cora (Kora) is a unique instrument with a harp-like appearance and a notched bridge similar to that of a lute or guitar

5. Pupuik BAtang

  "Pupuik BAtang padi and kelapa (flute which made of rice stalk and coconut leaves)

5. Saluang


The saluang is a traditional musical instrument of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is similar to the flute in general and made of bamboo. It is related to the suling of other parts of Indonesia.

6. Talempong


Talempong is an instrument played in West Sumatra. Basically it is a little kettle gong. A gong can be any metal instrument which produces sounds

 7. Tamburin

. Tambourine is a kind of percussion instrument played by shaking it or striking it.